Taqui Eddine Khezihi
1992 - 2013
May Allah forgive him and have mercy on his soul
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Taqui Eddine Khezihi is a French Algerian citizen, he arrived in the UK in 1995 to settle down with his family. 21 years old and is of a Muslim Faith.

He was very kind, polite and versatile when it comes to communication. He was lovable by all people, and many enjoyed his company. He would never harm anyone for no reason, he always wanted to maintain a good relationship with people around him.

His Education

Taqui went to those primary schools: Oxford gardens, Bevington and Twyford. His secondandy school was in twyford high school in Ealing Common. He then started his professional education in BPP in shepherds Bush while training as an assistant accountant at Fair Accounts Company.

While he was getting practical training in accountancy he started his accountancy degree as self-thought person in BPP professional education where he completed in 2013 the AAT diploma in accountancy and was further to undertake the CIMA qualification to become a chartered accountant started from September 2013. He also was very interested in the financial world and mainly commodities where he started to trade online and was planning to become a successful trader in the future.

He was planning to undertake a fitness and nutrition qualification as he was very active in sport activities while eating healthy and wanted to share his successful experience with others. The course was due to start in September 2013.

Career & Jobs

  • Fair Accounts as an assistant accountant for 2 years.
  • Business First Consulting as an accountant for 2 months.
  • Capital Solutions UK 2011- current managing director and owner of the business.  

After working for these firms he decided to open up his own firm Capital Solutions UK where he was offering accountancy and IT services.
Apart from his job he had another hobby of creating websites for friends and families. He always wanted to create things that would last on a long term, some of the websites he created(Url's will be up soon):

  • Business First consulting.
  • Fair accounts.
  • Euromena.
  • Capital Solultions UK.
  • Divine Guidance.
  • Promoland Algeria.
  • Others

Charity and Other

Taqui was not only known for his academic studies and business but has a very strong religious background, he attended various lectures and Dawah courses. He gave Dawah through various ways such as:

  • Speakers corner (Famous for religious debates).
  • Dawah Tables in Shepherds Bush, Ealing, Chelsea and Kingston.
  • Youtube (Videos, check below).
  • Yahoo Answers and other online discussion groups.
  • Website named (Divine guidance no longer available).
  • Facebook and other social networks.


Taqui was a very active person, loved to get involved in sport activities such as:

  • Football every Sundays with friends.
  • Gym at Ealing Fitness Club on a daily basis.
  • Cycling on daily basis.
  • Running and swimming.

He also liked reading books, and very keen on following the news around the world.


How to practice Islam

How to Forbid the bad Part 1:

How to Forbid the bad Part 2:

Advice to the women and more:


My brother Taqui Rahimahullah, was a young passionate brother, striving for the sake of Allah, he was from amongst one of the first brothers I was blessed to come across, he helped me in my early days of coming on Deen and Allah knows how much I benefitted from him. I ask Allah to put that all on his mizaan of hasanaath on the day of judgement, he was a brother who was passionate about spreading the message of Islam, and he was keen on seeking knowledge of the Deen of Allah azuwajal. May Allah forgive his sins, grant him a place in Jannath Al Firdous Al A'laa.- Abu Dujanah

For the first and only time we ve been together you seemed to be a fantastic bloke. R.I.P - Nelson

Taqui was the most funniest person I have ever met, he has made me smile and laugh countless times and he always had the ability to make you happy when you felt down. He was an intelligent person with so much ahead of him and by the age of 21 he had already set up his own accountancy firm single handily. I have learnt so much from Taqui and I am happy that I had the privilege to know such an amazing person and to have him in my life. I will never forget the times he would wake me up for fajr every night. - Anonymous

Taqui was a wonderful person, knew him since childhood, everyone enjoyed being around him. He was very funny and always wanted to joke around and make people happy. I came onto the Deen and I was struggling and he helped me bounce up. He will be missed and I hope InshAllah(God willing) that we meet in Jannah because life without him is very difficult. - Ismail

He was very funny, and humble. If he ever caused harm to anyone he would apologize immediately. - Anonymous

I remember Taqui as the funniest guy ever and always played around with me and I thank him for that. May Allah have mercy and grant you Jenat ferdous - Yusuf

In the time I knew Taqui, he stood out for me as one of the brothers who was truly there for me in an extremely difficult time in my life. He would comfort me, advise me and keep me company. Only a man with a heart of gold would do such a thing and I swear by Allah he was one of the few. The heart break of his departure was much to bear, but I find peace in the thought that he is in a better place with Allah now, insha Allah(If Allah Wills) - Elias

Family Statement

"It is with great sadness that we received the news of the death of our beloved Taqui Eddine Khezihi. He was a 21 year old of French/Algerian origin living in London since 1995.
On the 6th of August, Taqui and his brother Bourhane 24, were attacked by a group of people in the mall outside Costcutters near Ealing Broadway, just 5 minutes away from their home. They went to purchase a mobile top up voucher from Costcutters. Subsequently they had a small argument with two men who attempted to provoke them by saying “What are you looking at?” This escalated to a more threatening attitude from the two men as one of them took a bottle of wine threatening Bourhane and Taqui with it. Bourhane and Taqui responded by telling this person that they did not want to fight and that they were fasting as it was the month of Ramadan.
In the meantime the other man used his phone to call for reinforcements. A few minutes later, a car arrived at the scene and four men equipped with knives joined the fight and surrounded Bourhane and Taqui and punched them repeatedly. Then, others came from behind and stabbed both Bourhane and Taqui in the shoulder.
Taqui received a fatal stab wound to the back which was a direct hit to the heart leaving him bleeding until he was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Fortunately for Bourhane, who received the same sort of stabbing in the back that caused a lot of blood loss, he survived and was treated at the St Mary’s hospital.
The family received the devastating news later on in the day where they were shocked and still cannot fathom how such a tragedy could occur in Ealing Broadway, which is renowned as one of the safest places in London.
The family confirms that Taqui and Bourhane were victims of a random assault by this group of criminals already known by the police. They did not have any previous encounters with them and they don’t know them personally.
Taqui was a bright young man full of ambition and had a warm relationship with those surrounding him.  He would never harm anyone. He completed the AAT diploma in accountancy with a plan to pursue a Chartered accountant qualification (CIMA). He also ran a small accountancy and IT firm offering services to small businesses.
Taqui was involved in charities and sporting activities in the community. He joined the gym at Ealing Broadway and played football with friends on Sundays.  
Family, friends and neighbours in the Ealing area were utterly shocked by this atrocious cr+ime and the loss of such a bright and peaceful young man, who was hoping for the best for everyone.
In light of the arrest and charging of 4 men from the criminal group involved, the family and friends of Taqui hope that the criminals who did this unforgivable act will be brought to justice and receive the maximum punishment. This should serve as a lesson for others and thus secure the future safety of the community. 
The family of Taqui would like to thank family members, friends, neighbours, the police and the victim support association for their support during this painful time."